The daily kaler kantho Bangla newspaper

Daily Kaler Kantho is one of the most popular and widely read Bangla newspapers in Bangladesh. Founded in 2010, it is owned by the East West Media Group, which also owns several other popular newspapers in the country.

Daily Kaler Kantho is published six days a week and covers a wide range of news and current affairs. It covers national and international news, politics, business, sports, entertainment, and other topics. The newspaper also has a dedicated editorial section where prominent writers and columnists express their opinions on various issues.

One of the unique features of Daily Kaler Kantho is its "career" section, which provides readers with information on job opportunities and career guidance. The section is very popular among young readers who are looking for job opportunities.

Daily Kaler Kantho has a wide readership in Bangladesh and has won several awards for its quality journalism. The newspaper's reporters and editors are known for their objective and unbiased reporting, and they cover events across the country and abroad.

In addition to its print edition, Daily Kaler Kantho also has a strong online presence. Its website is updated regularly with the latest news and articles, and the newspaper's social media accounts are very active.

Overall, Daily Kaler Kantho is a leading Bangla newspaper in Bangladesh that is highly regarded for its comprehensive coverage of news and events. Its commitment to quality journalism has earned it a loyal readership, and it continues to be a trusted source of news and information for people across the country.