Ittefaq Bangladesh Newspaper Online

Ittefaq is one of the oldest and most respected daily newspapers in Bangladesh. It was first published in 1953 by Maulana Abdul Hamid Khan Bhasani, a prominent political leader and social activist in the region. Since then, Ittefaq has become synonymous with unbiased journalism and informative reporting on local and global events.

The newspaper boasts a wide circulation and a loyal readership that relies on Ittefaq for its in-depth reporting and analysis. Ittefaq's coverage includes local and national news, business, sports, entertainment, and editorial pieces on pressing issues of the day.

Ittefaq is published by the East West Media Group, which is one of the largest media companies in Bangladesh. The newspaper has a team of experienced reporters and editors who work tirelessly to bring the latest news and information to its readers. The company also has a strong online presence and an active social media outreach program, which allows it to connect with audiences from all around the country.

One of the hallmarks of Ittefaq's journalism is its focus on unbiased reporting. Ittefaq adheres to a strict editorial policy that ensures that its reporting is impartial and free from any political or commercial influence. As a result, Ittefaq has won numerous national and international awards for its investigative reporting and editorial work.

Ittefaq is an iconic newspaper that is treasured by Bangladeshis all over the world. Its commitment to honest journalism and fair reporting has earned it a place in the hearts of readers and the respect of the wider media community.