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Amar Desh is an online Bangla newspaper in Bangladesh that was first launched in 2004. The newspaper is owned by Amar Desh Publications Limited, and its editor is Mahmudur Rahman, a prominent journalist and former government official.

Amar Desh covers a wide range of news and current affairs, including national and international news, politics, business, sports, entertainment, and other topics. The newspaper has a strong editorial section, which features articles and opinion pieces from renowned writers and columnists.

One of the unique features of Amar Desh is its investigative journalism, which has exposed several high-profile cases of corruption and wrongdoing in Bangladesh. The newspaper has also been critical of the government on several occasions, and its reporting has often been at odds with the ruling party.

Amar Desh has faced several challenges in its history, including government censorship and persecution. In 2010, its editor, Mahmudur Rahman, was arrested on charges of sedition and defamation and spent several months in jail. The newspaper was also shut down for a brief period in 2013 by the government for alleged violation of press laws.

Despite these challenges, Amar Desh continues to be a respected voice in Bangladeshi journalism. Its online platform ensures that its readers have access to the latest news and analysis from any location.

In conclusion, Amar Desh is a prominent online Bangla newspaper in Bangladesh that is known for its investigative journalism, critical reporting, and commitment to free speech. Despite facing several challenges, the newspaper continues to be a trusted source of news and information for people across the country who value independent and objective journalism.